Youre Not Sure To See Tomorrow Lyrics by Originoo Gunn Clapazz

Youre Not Sure To See Tomorrow Lyrics

    [lil knock]
    Come and say laugh time is comin love
    And give 'em one
    What? dickin in the bed fiend
    Say ow, licka fam
    My style don't leave one and gal
    Here come black stal'
    What? them never know me
    So strong, gal
    Now, i just wan' get rid of action
    Me not gon' rhyme, ya use protection
    Soften up ya lips for this
    We come fonder, we come sounder

    When i do my thing, i move the crowd like aura
    M to the period s, it spells horror
    Makin others in my space take deep swallows
    Sorta like a barber, step in my parlor
    Gotta stick wit the nicest, so i light this
    Light that bulb in my head, just off excitement
    That trifeness i don't deal with, because it stress me
    You wouldn't know how to act, if you wasn't s, g
    All my m.f.c., we mad thorough
    For years to come, our shit will bump through your borough
    And stay, while pay, the stack like couch
    If you don't know by now, you never figure it out

    [top dog big kahuna]
    Aiyo, once my niggas start feelin vibe, they pull out they nines
    Do think it's body bulletproof, i'mma show you his spine
    Get loose one time, hop back the 4-5
    Whoever think they clappin, can't happen, handle your b.i.
    Cuz once i call my m.f.c., they wild out
    If you don't wanna be a part of this, then just brake out
    You don't got it all
    To many m.c.'s claimin they harder, soft like my balls

    [doc holiday]
    Chew on this
    And if tomorrow never comes, fuck it, i'm wit my sons
    Blazin buns in the back room, with d.o., cal and ones
    Got my mic check by cleo, c.o. bitch from riker's
    Met her on the av., tight hold the top wit biker
    Short, pussy fat, first place, i chase the cat
    That brakes his arm, word is bond, d-o-c is holdin heat
    Wit the force, no doubt, to knock your ass off your feet
    The choice is yours, hospital or the morgue

    [chorus 4x: lil knock]
    You're not sure to see tomorrow
    You're not sure to see tomorrow, whoa-ho

    [louieville sluggah]
    This be that bomb shit, strong arm shits in your garment
    If there is a problem, i'mma see you into promise
    Truly yours, 'ville slug
    Got your shorty, pissy off the henny, then she drop the drawers
    G.c.'d all day, even by my lonely, all ways
    Reppin full stretch for the pay

    [starang wondah]
    I take off my coat, pass sean price the l
    Bitches on the side, sayin "starang nice as hell"
    We shit on these rappers, they in hell, twice the smell
    My niggas in jail, forever screamin life is hell
    I might as well pick up the cell, call my bitch rakel
    Who used to be my shorty, hop friend, now it's hard to tell

    [louieville sluggah]
    They say we cock-eyed, eye of the tiger, just like rocky
    Can't help it, when we ride shit like a jockey
    Non stoppin, hit the stage, rockin and shockin
    In stealth shit, for them bitch niggas not likin

    [starang wondah]
    Aiyo this is the boot camp show, i'm your host
    I love french toast and bitches that's high post
    My m.f.c. back niggas down that try and get too close
    Me and henny gettin high on flights coast to coast

    [louieville sluggah]
    And once we touch ground, shit, that better be on flow
    Grand tour, had better be ready to roll

    [illa noyz]
    Ready to roll, whether rhyme time or hold stroll
    Slay mongol, here to let you know tomorrow's not show
    I blow, sure to bogust, that thing ain't so tough
    Like any 4x4 on doughnuts, you better hold up
    Show guts, i'mma spill 'em, hot letta drill 'em
    Lyrics evolve around your dome, like chuck you chillin
    I'mma slave to the rhythm, they know how i hit 'em
    Noyz is the undersea, circumstance niggas become victims
    They know i'm gon fix them, up with the meth
    I'm fed, i mean, i'm dope like heroin on the scene
    You should come clean, rhymer says you get hit with something
    I'm headhunting, like football players when they crunchin
    All that for frontin, you should learn to listen
    Showin ya acts, your dead like apollo in exhibition