Youll Never Get Next To Me Lyrics by Gonzoe

Youll Never Get Next To Me Lyrics

    Verse 1 *(madd maxx)*

    Now who's next for platinum spotlight?
    You know who it is
    Maxx and gonz takin over the mic
    Flippin the script
    Reversin town styles of my life
    Live in the ghetto
    But still livin the life that is trife
    So fuck a knife
    I'm using the gat on mobb imposters
    Layin 'em down wit choppers
    They never could stop us
    Breakin 'em off they drop us
    For tryin to knock us
    Hustlin ass backwards
    Dishin out my products
    Under the oakland initiation
    The death penalty is what you facin
    Life sentance, incarceration
    For fuckin wit mobb affiliation
    Nigga the paraphanil
    Contraband infiltration
    Anatomy of my alliance
    You won't defiy it
    So watch you get broke down when niggas cause riots
    Hold them hostage make the snitch keep quiet
    Talkin bout, you don't know shit
    I don't buy it
    You fuckin wit real niggas that's all about the cheddar
    Carry barrettas
    Under my sweater
    I'm tryin to make a mill ticket to make my life better
    And if i gotta go down like scarface, then whatever.

    Chorus *(mr. x)* 2x

    You'll never get next to me
    So you can't see what i see
    I can't trust nobody, while i'm out here on these streets.

    Verse 2 *(gonzoe)*

    Why i'm like this?
    Look at the world in the face and spit
    What the fuck provoked me to write this?
    Lookin at my gun thinkin "this it"
    Cuz this bitch done took my son, thinkin he an object
    She trip
    Because i'm lonely
    Wit a new fifth
    Mad at everybody drunk
    Tryin to stack a grip
    Fuck y'all!
    Sayin y'all friends
    Deniyin my collect-calls
    When a nigga behind in walls
    That's why i'm like this
    See i was raised wit a twist
    My mama sold dope and my daddy was a pimp
    That's my script
    Sold my first brick in 10th wit chris
    Juss tryin to get some paper off the strip
    That enabled my hustle
    Everyday on mind
    Lost in life wit big shit define
    I don't give a fuck
    Niggas flaggin me down
    I never don't stop
    All they want is questions and ask stupid stuff.

    *(chorus)* x4

    Verse 3 *(gonzoe)*

    Here's to the lasting song
    Wit death the day after
    When i'm drunk
    It helps makes the time fly faster
    The world passin me by
    Fuck it, i'm high
    Say "i won" for the hell of it
    Watchin the other side
    Why should i?
    Think like the others
    I'm like murder
    Only say i'm trippin hella pistols hella come out
    Never got caught
    But statistically
    You 'posed to knock on wood
    Cuz eventually it's tough
    Tuckin the sheets in my bunk
    Gettin ready for lock up
    Caged up
    Niggas givin a fuck
    This for the total mayne
    Niggas rollin the daytona's way
    I got "thug serenade"
    For niggs to prominate
    An get paid
    I'm watchin ya'll, change your ways
    Cuz you on some other shit
    Takin shit these days.