Wu Banga 101 Lyrics by Ghostface Killah

Wu Banga 101 Lyrics

    ft. Cappadonna, GZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon

    Yo, too advanced, Digi' stance, made the CD enhanced
    I move with the speed and strength of ants
    Identical in form with the Beez they swarm
    Hold up the cold current appear warm
    My first verbal brawl, started on some yes yes y'all
    to the beat y'all, break your windshield, your jeep stall
    Mr. Traffic, dumbin shit, from ecclesiastic
    Cashier, holdin out, fine, cut off the plastic
    See the logo? A monument in hip-hop
    Carved out, in the giant landscape, of broken rocks
    Whether heard in herb spots, jukebox or malt shops
    Uncut live, drop eighty-five, in one shot
    Spotlight hits the metal mic, majority stare
    Heard the Wu snare, while my iris cut down the glare
    Walk a road the great length you find too long to measure
    My Clan a make me rhyme like D. Banner under pressure
    No surprise, double disc touched five
    Those elements, kept environments colonized
    with the high flyin death-defyin flow like the Rebel
    Right there, but you're one light year, from my level

    Uh-huh.. yeah.. yo.. check it.. yo..
    Bottles goin off in the church, we broke the wine
    slapped the pastor, didn't know Pop had asthma
    He pulled out his blue bible, change fell out his coat
    Three condoms, two dice, one bag of dope
    Oooh! Rev. ain't right, his church ain't right
    Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes
    Mrs. Parks said, "Brother Starks, meet you at the numbers spot
    Heard you got red tops out, and I want a lot"
    Shirley fainted dead on the spot
    Two ushers slipped eighty dollars right out the pot
    Oh shit!

    [Raekwon the Chef]
    Egyptian, brown skin brown suede Timbs
    Masqueradin X-rated throw blades, all occasions
    Round nozzle touchdown, Haagen-Daas gobbles White House
    Gucci flag on the roof, call us rock groups
    Mere intelligent, buy Nieman Marc' it out
    No doubt, all we saw he bought, Lori mom's all blow
    was simple, blamp instrumentals run camps the stamps get you
    The way we lamp, fans come and get you
    Play, fullback strapped like a fuck, war at
    the black, Carlo Gambino's stash house in Hackensack
    Pack capsules, Green Bay 'em lay 'em down like wax do
    It's all actual we build, like Crash Crew
    Coconut, incense, one sentence, aiyyo
    Control the holy flinch hit this, new whips
    Roman numerals, sun splash them niggaz like, Tango and Cash
    Alcatraz cats roll out fast..

    Wu thousand nuthin but hardcore
    We tryin to get land riches and more
    Ghost put me on to it
    We just do it, floss or whatever
    Take care of the business, there's too many roughnecks
    Give two of these to Flex, tell him it's real rap like Ghost
    Had to beat niggaz with toast
    Clubs V.I. clientele we lay it down flat
    Poot out on y'all kid, now where your mans at?
    Fakin the real like, "Damn I can't stand Cappa'"
    Then my wardrobe flooded the next chapter
    Y'all heard about us like we heard about you
    Bless the mic with reality, hit you with the virtue
    Calm down not tryin to hurt you, burst through
    That shit, fatter than all y'all niggaz outfits
    We the glitch like Y2K
    Catch the ball when it drop, guns pop, y'all have a nice day

    "Doctor Kanabuta, Iron Man, he is invincible.
    His remarkable armor is supreme!"

    [Masta Killa]
    Sometimes I'm liable to spaz and break fool
    Grab my gun, select one, snatch son
    Put the barrel by his face, blast one by his eardrum
    Piss run, you drop thinkin you shot
    Screamin like a bitch, kicks to your face
    Shots to the body that shake like the bass
    I'm Ghostfaced up, military style down
    Nuff ammunitions of rounds across the chest

    Skip to the intro, rap through po'
    Smashed a fresh ball of wax ceasar
    Flashy penthouse that overlooks the vista
    Wally Moc' have tie, swimmin trunks
    Three chunks of ice sit in Johnny Walker for advice
    Catch the moment, fundraiser at will, work with the homeless
    Polish diamond edge, Flintstone shit, sealed in a comb pick
    carefully, swing the B seven series Christmas lights
    too bright Ghost is comin y'all fix the mirrors
    Relax like pudding, confidence strangle my man couldn't
    Exile he no longer in the hood
    Bless the kid that max the most
    Me I turn a wedding into hoax
    Roses tied to bombs on posts
    On commercial breaks, piss in the apple juice
    Rasta nigga rock the big do's
    Jiffy Pop it's only chant Wu