Train of Shame Lyrics by Squad Five-O

Train of Shame Lyrics

    Lyrics by Dave Petersen

    I'm a dealer in the middle
    No left or right side sitter
    I never make it going solo
    But when I'm lying on my pillow

    I'm a sugar-fisted pistol shoot a worldwide missile
    Stop the train of shame a-coming with a huggle and a kissle
    I'm tearing up the track and I ain't never going back
    Just wanna change and re-arrange, re-build and stack

    So step away and let the train leave town
    Don't put out your hand it's gonna run you down
    You don't put out your hand to stop a moving train
    Boy you'll get run down

    I'm a healer if you're willing
    Something inside me more appealing
    I'm all but nothing when without it
    A real monster with no feelings

    We are all little triggers
    In every little thing we figure
    Yeah you're a natural born explosive
    Like dynamite or slightly bigger
    And you could blow, here we go

    I said, "What you're thinking now is bigger than you think it is
    And every time you're thinking that, well brother, you should think again
    You see the trouble is if you and me see eye to eye
    And you re-think your life and no more innocents they have to die
    Will it stop at you and what you do just become history
    I just don't see peace that way it's all too much a mystery
    I just want to change and re-arrange, re-build and stack on it
    I don't want that train to instant bliss, I know they're full of it
    They're calling "all aboard" at full speed, I see you standing there
    But I know they don't care
    Get off the track"