Tonz of Fun Lyrics by Presence

Tonz of Fun Lyrics

    How shallow can a man be
    I borrowed this story from a friend
    now an enemy
    'cause no friend of mine would ever cross the line
    and disrespect a lady of any kind

    Verse 1
    (sing) Stranger in my bed
    can't recall last night
    that's why
    I'm sleepin' with Carney Wilson's head
    oh god
    got to wash my nuts
    I've done it once again

    (rap) Go Go get dressed
    get outta my bed
    now find your way home

    Verse 2
    (sing) Lucky to have survived
    she was more than twice my size
    big is beautiful
    but I'm just a small guy
    and I could break
    under the weight of her thighs
    maybe now I should quit my drinkin'
    what was I thinkin'
    oh god
    I've done it once again


    (rap) I had the beer goggles strapped on
    passed out
    face down
    naked on the lawn
    awakened by the vibration of the earth shaking
    the type of girl that literally brings home the bacon
    in my state of mind
    I was hers for the taking
    it seems she was interested in some lovemaking
    "do you know Jay Slim, I heard he was hung"
    it was then that I knew
    we were in for wang chung
    she grabbed my car keys
    my ID
    we dipped
    in between sips of Schlitz
    she kept lickin' her lips
    I couldn't tell if that meant she wanted my dick
    or to drive-thru KFC for another drumstick
    (sing) I feel so ashamed
    no one to blame but myself
    I've done it once again

    How shallow can a man be
    he must be too blind to see
    that he's bleeding insecurities
    and she cries…