Third Rail Lyrics by Squeeze

Third Rail Lyrics


    As much as i love you
    As much as i care
    I just can't pretend that
    The problem's not there
    We know all the boundaries
    From where we both stand
    Our life has been happy
    Without any plan
    But now i feel sorrow
    As friendship turns stale
    Our love's still on track but
    Without a third rail
    The moon has come up now
    The sun has gone down
    A million or more times
    Since you've been around
    Our life still goes on but
    It won't be the same
    As when we're together
    Love only knows pain
    With words that are tender
    Our love will prevail
    But can our love go on
    Without a third rail

    White clouds appear like cotton wool
    The wind bends trees to bow
    As we farewell this love of ours
    Like some old sacred cow
    As sure as heaven's above us
    And hell is down below
    Without a third rail to drive us
    We'll have no place to go

    There's a lump in my throat
    I'm choked as i say
    Our love has reached twilight
    Let's call it a day
    We kiss on the platform
    The doors slowly close
    Like theatre curtains
    Pulled after the show
    We both know it's over
    And somehow we've failed
    Love's going in circles
    Without a third rail