The Unfaithful Servant Lyrics by Band, The

The Unfaithful Servant Lyrics

    E7 d/f# g d/f# a/e am7
    Unfaithful servant, i hear you leavin' soon in the mornin'
    G d/f e7 asus4
    What did you do to the lady, that she's gonna have to send you away?
    G d/f# a/e am7
    Unfaithful servant, you don't have to say you're sorry,
    G d/f# e7 asus4
    If you done it just for the spite, or did ya do it just for the glory?
    Bm/g a/f#
    Like a stranger you turned your back,
    C/g g f#7
    Left your keys and gone to pack.
    Bm/g a/f#
    Bear in mind who's to blame, and all the shame;
    E7 em7 ebmaj7
    She really cared, the time she spared and the home you shared.

    Unfaithful servant, i can hear the whistle blowin,
    Yes, that train is a-comin' and soon you'll be goin'.
    Let us not bow our heads for we won't be complainin';
    Life has been good to us all
    Even when that sky is rainin'.
    To take it like a grain of salt
    Is all i can do. it's no one's fault,
    Makes no diff'rence if we fade away.
    It's just as it was, it's much to cold for me to stay.

    D bm
    Goodbye to that country home,
    D a bm
    So long to a lady i have known,
    D bm
    Farewell to my other side,
    E7 asus4
    I'd best just take it in stride.
    G d/f# a/e am7
    Unfaithful servant, you'll learn to find your place;
    G d/f#
    I can see it in your smile,
    E7 asus4
    And, yes, i can see it in your face.
    Bm/g# a/f#
    The mem'ries will linger on,
    C/g a f#7
    But the good old days, they're all gone,
    Bm/g# a/f#
    Oh! lonesome servant, can't you see,
    E7 em7 ebmaj7
    That we're still one and the same, just you and me.