The Recipe Lyrics by Mack 10

The Recipe Lyrics

    [mack 10 talking]
    Yo, mack 10, with just a few of the hoo bangin affiliates.
    Cj mac, binky mac, boo kapone, and the homie techniec.

    [mack 10]
    Now here we go, it's the show stopper, noodle knocker
    Gung ho, 1-o fo sho the door clocker
    I keep it rough with that red or blue shit
    Hoo bang crew shit, recipe new shit
    It's off the hinges, and my friends is
    Rollin, twelve cylinder benz's with the chrome 20 inches
    So fuck all the haters and the non believers
    Punk niggas and bitches, hood rats and divas
    Now platinum's automatic gangsta rap fanatic
    No static shit with the radio and watch em add it
    Hoo bang affiliates in that ass like a thorn
    What's your favorite song? don't hate, sing along
    I'm blindin niggas slowly with the iced out rolly
    Leave your shirt holy with the glock pistol-ly
    So, hang around for the go down
    Hip-hop classic bound as i clown, house to town
    And have it my way, jewlery parvay
    Mack 10 got your hottie hot as the mojave
    Want the recipe? then you fellas best to be
    Down to push a key and chip a nigga for me

    No bustas, no peace
    Rock the black fleece, techniec
    In the gray off caprice, dogs stay off the leash
    Peep this, my click's nothing but heat bitch
    Kick flows, stay on your toes, stay away from hoes
    I know bitches that turn you on and turn on you
    Kiss the hook ass nigga, pull a burn on you
    That ain't the way i do thangs i hoo bang
    So more niggas, more bigger, more heat, ready to blow triggers
    Show niggas, recipes, hoes, guns and funds
    Blowfish, big tits, dubs and hunds
    With nothin but redrumin when the heat start hummin
    Empty the tech nina till these niggas stop comin
    Young innovative, long beach native
    This holocaust bust off and make it demostrative
    You niggas don't want test me
    Dynamic on my right connect to the left of me
    Form the recipe

    [hook:] x 2
    If you ain't in this for the money what you in it for?
    We got the recipe, best to be, in it for the dough!

    [binky mac]
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    Gettin closer to god tryin to clutch what i can't touch
    Time to get paper in the wind like a caper
    Hoo bangin affiliate, niggas it's gonna take ya
    Flossy ass rolex that's iced to the sickle
    Bitches up on the pickle since the bank roll tripled
    Now nigga what? when you see binky mac, throw it up!
    Most underrated nigga that's hated, now give it up

    [boo kapone]
    I ride for connect gang, die for connect gang
    Throw up spot slang, watch and let my nuts hang
    Down with the 1-o, meet me in the jungle
    Fly, gettin high by the motherfuckin tunnel
    A sick ass nigga, that's how i gotta be
    Smack my bitch up, like my name was prodigy
    Two glocks, four fifths and ak's
    Cut off khakis, house shoes and murder braids
    I stay flamed up, never been tamed up
    My little homie died last year, i hit his name up
    For the 99 i'm yellin redrum
    Quick to hit you up with two fingers and a thumb
    I smash fools cuz cash rules, like castro
    You want these fuckin slugs fast or slow, hoe?
    Oh, i got the 44 for all y'all bj been day hoes
    Get wet up with the dress oh fo sho

    [hook] x 4

    [cj mac]
    Motherfuckers better know, want la, you must see me
    Fuck the niggas frontin on tv
    City locked, got the key to the streets baby
    Better know who to greet 'fore you creep baby
    Hear me talkin bout gangbang niggas sport red and blue
    Like a missle pierce stomach tissue
    Top 20 motherfucker you, make a nigga wanna muzzle you
    We kidnap for snaps, big hitter big stacks
    Pool hall nigga made good
    Gangbang nigga got rich and stayed hood
    Dome shots, playa, you play about domein me
    Jumpin on the knee, it's too late, you're shot, plow!
    Fuck around and get your channel changed
    Handle thangs with the german
    Hit the sherm-an
    Leave em squirm-an
    C mac, twista get rich
    Ain't nobody gon snitch, we's hoo bangas bitch
    Check this style playa, check this technique
    Check the way i ride or walk playa
    Check the way i ride or speak
    I stay suited and booted, bandannaed and tatted
    Cris don mowed up, mac don blowed up, got em sewed up
    Nigga who bangin? who's sangin?
    All this cheddar round me, niggas think i'm through bangin
    But nah, hoo ridas bust straps and love dough
    If you ain't in this for the cheddar what you in this for?
    You know?

    [hook] x 4