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Out here in nothin' engulfed by
the sea

And there's no one here 'cept these
fishes and me
I think I could die here
Then I'm hit, leveled hard by the
rising tide

Oh, I'm hit hard by the tide,
I'm just livid, all alone

Sunny, so funny, not funny to me
Because, I'm bearing the scars from it
burning on me
But I'm feel so revived, just sittin'
here thinkin'
Then I'm hit hard, really hard by
the tide

I'm hit hard by the tide, I'm
just livid
And I'm livin'

Yeah, I'm hit hard by the tide
I'm livid, livid
Hard by the tide
I'm livin'

All alone

The Duke by Blind Melon

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The Duke Lyrics by Blind Melon