The Big Ohh Lyrics by Originoo Gunn Clapazz

The Big Ohh Lyrics

    [top dog big kahuna]
    Is it the big ohh, or is it gon' be no?
    Let me tell you one thing, d-o ain't trickin no dough
    At a show, shorties wanna meet me at the mo'
    Askin mad questions about the dough i hold
    Hold on baby, don't even go that route
    Because the money, that i'll make you don't need to know foul
    Cuz the thing change, and all the talkin stops here
    Just lay your back down, and take off your underwear
    Who cares, it's your bras and panties, they ain't matchin
    Yo what's the rules? you have to leave if the ohh ain't happenin
    Yo, why you laughin, you won't be laughin
    If you standin in front of room,
    They clear to get your punk ass maskin

    Only mess wit the girls that sharin (sharon), they nickname carin (karen)
    Known from the big butt and the tight jean wearin
    Also big breasts, always comin to my rest
    While i cores they chest, and they suck me off next
    Easily place in the mouth, like a grape from a tree
    But she can't eat it, she must suck it, like a sweet lolli
    I know that's a hobby, i met her in a lobby
    Lookin good, beautiful self, bad ass body

    Yo it's goin out to nicole, out in new jerz
    To my girl keisha, out in d.c.
    It's all about the girls, girls, girls, girls
    Spark them some o.g.c.
    And it's going out to wendy, out in l.a.
    Going out to tasha, out in tennessee
    It's all about the girls, girls, girls, girls
    Bob marley spliffs and hennecy

    [starang wondah]
    It was me and hennyville in the starang mobile
    On my way uptown, pumpin the new dru hill
    I couldn't rush it, turn to hennyville, bust this
    Seen reese in tight jeans, doin her ass no justice
    Her mother gaspin, right where the restaurant be
    I drove by, waved, kinda nonchalantly
    Me and my man, cruisin through, checkin out the scenery
    Stopped at the light, these two niggas double schemin me
    Lookin in my 740, so i guess they beemin me
    Yo they ain't gettin money, yo ask me what it mean to me

    [louieville sluggah]
    Yo, not a god damn, not since you my man
    Because of jealously, over they fuckin toes, he ran
    Yo i'm the villest, that be my nigga for real
    You don't think shit real, then go and ask your girl

    [starang wondah]
    Aha, we stopped by the store, i stepped outta the ride
    My big gold chain steady swingin side to side
    These two shorty wops, was all up in my grill like a barbecue
    Say "i don't wanna bother you, but aren't you starang"
    They couldn't keep they eyes off my big gold chain
    I kept my eyes on they ass, so shit was like the same
    Yo simple and plain, i know ya be singin my song
    Let's take 'em back to the crib, so we can all get along
    The big ohh

    Going out to mergari in n.y.
    And this is going out to tammy out in n.c.
    It's all about the girls, girls, girls, girls
    Bless the mics for the whole m.f.c.

    [louieville sluggah]
    Guess who, son, just um, jumped upon the scene
    Nadine, you know that chick we met out in queens
    That chick is mean, she steamed our whole team
    Had heads gackin up things like gangrene
    Take it from b.b.d., that think right is labeled "poison five"
    You never could trust a big butt and a smile
    For she say we display our thing well
    And i say "bitch, what that shit you tell?"
    Shit, i know, niggas that hit it and lookin sick
    No, no, sick dick, henny i do a bid
    Don't explain, simple and plain
    The only thing you lovin is my name and my fame

    It's all about the girls, girls, girls, girls
    To shari out there in philly
    Break it down now, girls, girls, girls, girls
    To sundum lee in japan
    Yo it's all about the girls, girls, girls, girls
    To my girl bronca swollen from brazil
    Girls, girls, girls, girls
    To francewola bei from paris

    Bless the mic! (8x)