Terra N Ya Era Lyrics by Big Daddy Kane

Terra N Ya Era Lyrics

    You looking in the mouth of madness, skilled out since I had this
    I'm talking bout nothing but pure D badness
    My acceleration is compatible to a bima
    My pockets looking greener, from the funky cold medina
    Don't tell me bout the things that you done did cause I done did it
    Don't tell me bout the skins that you done hit, cause I done hit it
    And once I rock these, with a style that's cock deis
    Good God, I get the crowd together like knock knees
    Now, I don't act hard, I just mack hard
    Baggin' video looking honeys with the big back yard
    Yes lord, girls I'm gamin' leaving the microphone flamin'
    Throwing up hip-hop signs cause that's the set that I be claimin'
    Guerilla war fares for those who love to pull your card
    Grimies from Fort Green to Malcolm X Boulevard
    Now, if that's what you're hoping then it's the wrong things you're scopin'
    I may not rap bout slittin no throats but trust me kid I'll get you open

    Verse 2
    Here comes a taste of the rawness, like you never saw this
    Once I grip the cordless, my victory is flawless
    Chaos and havoc, lyrically psychopathic
    At times get pornographic, lord man I gots to have it
    Then I commit to hit you with this composite that's ultimate
    Too legit splendid come get wit' it for your comfort
    But then sloppily, rappers try to copy me
    Take pieces of my property, and use it all unproperly
    And probably, been focusing a while to copy my style
    But child what I'll compile is too versatile
    I'm too superior, it's sort of like comparing a
    Spanking new Desert Eagle to a rusty little derringer
    But skip the tool, let's try to deal here with the jewel
    That I'm droppin on you, now let me take you all to school
    You see, to graduate in hip-hop you must be smart
    And no you don't have to know how to paint to make your rhymes a form of art
    Poetry and literature is what makes this English fanatic
    Now dig this, I drop science but still deal with mathematics
    And since I don't be dealing with what's considered a mystery
    I learned the dead presidents to pass American History
    Got my degree in rapology
    Hip-hop had to set me free, look mom, a real emcee
    So you want yours now, well don't get caught with your drawers down
    Cause word life, this industry is half corrupt just like the Dogg Pound

    Verse 3
    Rap godfather
    Oh goodness gracious, you better make it spacious
    For the vivacious, ostentatious, who feel courageous?
    I put it on them using my tongue as a sword
    But at times get broader than broad for those who insist to get floored
    Whatever it takes to see your nerve gone, and word born
    Black Caesar gonna get his swerve on
    My name should be referred to in medical terms
    Cause I get way up in the cut and I'm talking way worse than germs
    You like to chase it playin catch like Tom & Jerry
    But on the contrary, I'd rather sip the Dom Peri
    Lay back in harmony, because it's so bizarre to see
    That all the hard core rappers are slowly turning R&B
    Well pardon me, you contradict yo'self, I see you not perfect yo'self
    You like that type music yo'self, stick yo'self
    What happened to black men of pride ‘nuff men have died
    Nowadays what's been applied, in hip-hop is genocide
    That's when the rappers go get the clappers
    Can't you see they trying to strap us just to trap us, good god it's backwards
    One nation under a groove, that's how we move
    It's time to teach the youth get it together show and prove
    Me no run with the gun or speak of none for action
    When you get done scream I'm the one, it looks like an illusion
    I deal with equality so never call my brethren son
    Yes mon, me got mad flava just like jerk chicken