Tears of the Dead Lyrics by Arch Enemy

Tears of the Dead Lyrics

    Hideous crimes, atrocities
    The slaughter of millions - beyond belief
    Those were dark times, so different from now
    The law of evil ruled our fatherland

    I was but a pawn in their game
    Why should I feel any guilt?
    Still when I close, close my eyes
    The words unfold, it all comes back

    I can't defy it, can't deny it
    I know it ot be true
    In my sleep - they come to haunt me
    They know it to be true
    Tears of the dead

    We are all on the turning wheel of fate
    A young man, standing proud in uniform
    I never stopped to hesitate
    Until it was far to late

    My hands are soiled, covered in blood
    Stains that never wash away
    Their hollow eyes...
    Confronting me - Judging me

    Now an old man, at the end of my days
    Contemplating - My life of sin
    Living is never simple - the rosad is hard
    I had no say - just a puppet in a sick play