Sugar The Road Lyrics by Ten Years After

Sugar The Road Lyrics

    Having a good time, baby
    You're having a ball
    Your daddy don't dig what you look like
    Don't dig it at all
    Don't understand
    What you're going through
    No, no, no, no, no, no, he don't

    He says there's only one way that you stay alive
    Keep working for your pension till you're sixty five
    Hey, no, no, don't dig it at all

    You've grown up a big girl, baby
    You're doing all right
    You sleep in the daytime, baby now
    You're leaping all night
    Got your own scene
    Said you're doing fine
    My, my, my, doing fine, girl

    Live like you want, let them call you a freak
    You'll be a baby factory when you're married a week
    Oh, no, no, no, can you live in a box? get out, get out...

    You're having a good time, baby
    You're loving your life
    There's more things ahead now, baby
    Than being a wife
    Well, i love your mind
    'cause you know it's free
    Little darlin

    Don't worry about the people who scream and shout
    Just give them fifty years and they might forget it out
    Hey, yeah, i've gotta have me a good time
    Darling, let it all hang out