Street Nigguz Lyrics by Onyx

Street Nigguz Lyrics

    [all] street niggaz
    [sticky fingaz] gettin' high all the time
    [all] street niggaz
    [sticky fingaz] fuck beef and draw the nine
    [all] street niggaz
    [sticky fingaz] always yellin' fuck the cops
    [all] street niggaz
    [sticky fingaz] we the niggaz that call the shots

    Street niggaz love to flip, puttin' slugs in clips
    While in out with bloods and crips, on some shit
    Leavin' you ripped is totally sick
    I sue pricks on mysterious trips, makin' serious chips
    You on a curious a trip way out of your whack
    Blow you out of your back, the game of crack, how 'bout that?
    Holdin' my aim, with ways to wreck
    Never know what to expect
    Respect a hole in you chest
    My mind is set, it's time for death, rewind your steps
    The way that i'm doin' you is everyday screwin' you
    Off the top
    Make money off of rocks
    On and off the block, bouncin' off on cops
    Whose the next street star? kid, you love to be next
    But it's x-1, kid, in a luxury Lex
    Wit' a ghetto type style
    Heat for beef that we can settle right now
    Street niggaz


    [fredro starr]
    Street niggaz spend they lasts on weed
    Smoke to the ropes
    Dead broke, some flip coke, sell soap
    Bust four guns, off the roof, trick
    Overproof, roll dice, stick niggaz for ice, up all night
    Everyday niggaz gambalin', pumpin' drugs, scrambalin'
    My nigga got shot, that same spot you standin' in
    Bitch nigga hate, rich nigga sniff for eight, suffocate
    Jail nigga liftin' weights, fuck the jake
    We brake laws, snuffin' motherfuckas, breakin' drawers
    Robbin' liquor stores
    ?rubbin'? ghetto niggaz dirty drawers
    Never hesitate to bass, kick your fuckin' ass
    Fuck work, nigga take cash
    Wit' the quick ???
    Open cases, wit' razors
    They open faces
    Paid niggaz got guns wit' lasers, sky pagers
    Chrome rims and loud systems
    So what the light? you make the white
    People listen you five days out the prison


    Street niggaz have your shit pushed back, plush act
    Bust jacks out the windowplex, and lust that
    We back, we at the place, contact react
    Call back, be on the concrete flat, we stomp cats
    For violation of ???, whichever come first
    Love for money could hurt, it's a thirst, we splurge
    In suburbans, to niggaz deep, want pissy early
    Swervin', packin' big power, maxin' six hours
    Up in the expo, ?e bowel?
    For beef, the heat, the vowel
    Caught up in them street showers
    Buckun' the same clips, fuckin' the same chicks
    The game sticks, so remain slick or get slain quick
    Street niggaz regulatin'
    Doe and hoes and north states, and flip whips
    High speed car chases
    The inner belly beast dwellin'
    Born and raised, extortin' for days
    Leavin' motherfuckers more than grazed


    [sticky fingaz]
    I'm a street nigga
    Fuck wit' me, ya shot in the brains
    They call me sticky fingaz, how you think i got my name?
    This is not a game, kid i know my math
    I walk around wit' my pants hangin' off my ass
    I don't give a fuck!
    The nigga here's to rugged
    I pull out my dick and take a piss in public
    Smokin' weed, drinkin' brew, that's all i do
    Fuck bitches, get money, was all i knew
    Police in the rearview, always runnin' my plates
    I kept one poker face and a gun in my waist
    Off safety, cock, wit' one in the head
    You first nigga frontin' gettin' dropped wit' one in the head
    I got no respect for life
    My mom's on drugs
    You scared to look me in the eyes, i roll wit' nothin' but thugs
    I'm so trife
    Hope i can live another night
    And i fear no man, i swear on my mother's life
    'cuz i'm a...

    [all] street nigga

    Chorus (without first 'all' sentence)

    [all]street niggaz (faded)