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Strangers Lyrics - Way That I Am

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(bobby braddock)

Two strangers passing on the sidewalk
Barely brush each other's hand
He says "i'm sorry"
She says "don't worry"
And that is how it all began

A few short days and night together
And it's like they were meant to be
Lying there with her he softly whispers
Just think what we were so recently

Strangers, strangers
The world greatest lovers
Last week we were strangers

Two strangers passing in the hallway
Barely touch each other's heart
Now they're pretending
Two shadows blending
But they're a million miles apart

Soon she'll be packing up her suitcase
They'll be dividing all the blame
They know how they started
Now empty hearted
They don't have a clue how they became

Strangers, strangers
The world greatest lovers
And now they are strangers
The world's greatest lovers
Have turned into strangers
Strangers, strangers

Strangers by Martina Mcbride

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Strangers Lyrics by Martina Mcbride