Soul-Crusher Lyrics by White Zombie

Soul-Crusher Lyrics

    Leatherneck'n down the street like 'Hey I'm joyrid'n' like a bad dog
    Come on 'Burn in!' X 2 demon got my soul and I said 'Drive!' come on
    Speed kills, but I'm alive yeah!
    In my Durango 95 yeah!
    Casino on the edge she move like a twister gravity crank
    Solo my sista, come on
    She said 'Take me away' away away shout!
    I'm deadly on the eyes an astro-spyder, baby
    A powertripp'n, no - no - no - maybe, come on
    Angel trumpets again yeah!
    Motherfucker scream 'Horrorshow'
    Time a diamond ass right on my line come on
    She said 'Take me away' away away yeah!
    Burning like fat in the fire the smell of red
    Red groovie screamed mega-flow
    A stalking ground without prey
    A flash of superstition whimpering like a crippled animal
    Dogs of the soul-crusher
    Pulling closer like the blue steel jaws of hell
    Digg'n in my heart I find a human generator
    Duke of N.Y. see yeah! Eliminator all you need is love
    Yeah! like a cool and crazy freak machine
    She twanged off and out like I never seen
    I gonna take her down, down, down watch out! Shack'n out in my skin
    Flesh 'n' waves they begin
    I going out like a holiday (shout it!)
    Then my mind generate a weepy young 'D' to terminate
    Takin' a trip I said, 'Straight to hell' (shout it!)
    Real country dark the street
    Hog the road, swamp the beat
    She gonna know just what I mean, yeah!
    Trip back on the serpent move z-man slowly bang the groove
    Takin' a trip, 'A real kick' to hell (shout it!)
    Think'n that when she die, spirit go up to the sky
    Devil come a stepp'n, brainiac a look'n below
    Yeah! (shout it!)