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Sophie Lyrics - Snapshots

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Sophie cannot finish her dinner
Says she's eatin' enough
Sophie's tryin' to make herself thinner
Says she's eatin' too much
And her brother says, "you're joking,"
And her mother's heart is broken
Sophie has a hard time copin'
And, besides, sophie's hopin'

She can be like all the other girls
Be just like all the other girls
Livin' in an ordinary world
Just to fit in, in the ordinary world
Just to fit in like an ordinary girl.

Sophie's losin' weight by the minute
How did things get this bad?
Sophie's family don't understand it
Gave her all that they had
And her sister won't stop cryin'
'cause her father says she's dyin'
Sophie says she's really tryin'
Problem is, sophie's lying.

Repeat chorus

How did she get this way?
How did she get this way?
Through tryin' to hide it.
What does it take to say,
What does it take to say
She's dying, sophie's dying to бн

Repeat chorus

Sophie by Eleanor Mcevoy

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Sophie Lyrics by Eleanor Mcevoy