Songs Lyrics by Joan Armatrading

Songs Lyrics

    If i'm feeling down
    If i'm ever low
    I just think of you
    And the songs

    Filled with lots of meaning
    With everything i need
    Spiritually healing
    Words that comfort

    You told me that you cared
    You'd be there for me
    Whenever i need
    When you're far away and i need you hmm
    The songs can bring you closer

    If i'm ever down
    If i'm feeling low i just think of you
    And the songs

    The ones tht make me wonder
    Will it be that good again
    They inspire me to try

    Songs that let the past
    Flood into my mind
    Take me to the place
    That we left
    It's such a strange sensation
    To live that time again
    Songs can save you
    They can break you
    Set you crying

    A long time ago