Song Of Life la-la-la Lyrics by Minnie Riperton

Song Of Life la-la-la Lyrics

    (m. riperton - r. rudolph - l. caston - j. wieder)

    La, la, la,
    La, la, la, la, la, la...
    Come sing the song of life

    There's a song that sings to me
    All of life's music in sweet harmony
    And you can sing this melody
    Once you just understand that you should be free

    Young and old, we're all beautiful
    We have learned that now is the time to let it show
    Let your heart lead you
    And you'll hear the song of life singing
    Loud and clear everywhere, singing

    Spread your feelings open wide
    Let all the happiness you need inside
    Feel the song begin to soar
    You can do anything you want and more
    So much more, so much more

    Touch that star you've been reaching for
    Take the chance that you've been afraid to take
    Be bold... let your heart lead you
    And you'll hear song of life singing loud and clear
    Everywhere singing clear