Sensations Lyrics by Alphaville

Sensations Lyrics

    Listen to the news, changes are coming soon
    Atlantic engineers and cities in the moon
    You better look across the ocean, tell me what you see
    The southern cross explodes into the colours of the sea
    Mighty maomoondog skips across the waves
    Kick the door and hit the shore and be somebody else
    Supersonic landscapes are melting in your hair
    Bubblegum comediens planting skylarks in the air

    Here we go with the new sensation
    We're on every station
    Such a kind of a legend to turn you on
    Dig that rhythm, genie and listen to the voice of the dolphins
    Listen to your radio

    All across the planet, politicians tremble
    Continental sister's rocking with the liquid gambler
    Now the time is here, now it's coming true
    The enigmatic extasy is overwhelming you
    Acrobats and comets are streaking by
    40.000 sirens are wailing at the sky
    Innersexual circuits are cruising without fear
    All inviting you for partytiming here

    That's the start of the new sensation..
    ...dig that band

    Listen to me, listen to the voice of the dolphin
    You better return to the sea
    Listen to his majesty
    You better return to the sea
    You better return to me..