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Seeing Double Lyrics - All Of The Good Ones Are Taken

(ian hunter)

Doctor, doctor, am i alright?
I keep on stayin' up - all through the night
Smokin', drinkin', watchin' t.v. 'til the light

It's been a long time since i slept
All i seem to think about is what i ain't yet
I'm seeing double

Doctor, doctor, am i in need?
Seems like there's somethin' wrong with me
Underneath this stone lies a different guy

My head says yeah - my body says no
I can't seem to get up - i can't seem to go
I'm seeing double

In the middle of my life - it's just a little strange
All those people - they're alright - if they'd stop messin' with my brain

I remember when the world was new
Doctor, doctor, what can you do?

I'm tired of runnin' - give me something to slow down

Ain't been to bed in over a week
I can't catch up son sleep - it's playing hide 'n' seek
I'm seeing double

Seeing Double by Ian Hunter

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Seeing Double Lyrics by Ian Hunter