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Well billy bought a chevy '40 coupe deluxe
Chrome wheels, stick shift
Give her gas, pop the clutch
Little girls on the corner
Like a diamond they shine
Someday billy i'm gonna make 'em all mine
Hey girl, you wanna ride in daddy's cadillac?
Because i love the way your long hair falls down your back

Bo diddley, bo diddley's at the seaside bar
We'll run barefoot in the sand, listen to his guitar
You say your mum's gonna meet you when the morning comes
And your papa's gonna beat you 'cause he knows you're out on the run
I'm gonna live a life of love and tonight you're the one

The highway is alive tonight
So baby do not be frightened
There's something 'bout a pretty girl on a sweet summer
That gets this boy excited
Radio man finally understands and plays you something you can move to
You lay back easy ...
Your girl leans over and says
"daddy, can you turn that radio up any louder?"

Ah, the juke joint's humming
Everybody came down
Little willy and his soul boom putting all that stuff down
Well don't let that daylight steal your soul
Get in your wheels and roll, roll, roll, roll, roll

Mama's gonna meet you when the morning comes
And your daddy's gonna beat you 'cause he knows you're out on the run
But i don't care i'm gonna live and laugh and love while the night's still

Seaside Bar Song by Bruce Springsteen

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Seaside Bar Song Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen