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Screams And Whispers Lyrics - Life As We Know It

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There's truth in your eyes, let me hear it from your lips
Your tears say you cry, let your words be the whip, baby

There's no reason anymore to live with all the pain
Take this key, unlock the door, before it makes us both insane

Spill your heart out to me, darlin', girl i really need to know

Screams and whispers, don't be afraid
Let's be more than lovers tonight
Screams and whispers, let go of the pain
Whatever we uncover, we can make it, make it alright


I know you've been alone, takin' care of yourself
Girl don't you think it's time to trust somebody else?

Try just once to let your guard down, you've got nothin' there to hide



Spill your heart out to me, darlin', girl i really need to know

Chorus repeats 2x

(2nd time: "whatever we uncover, there'll be screams and whispers tonight")


Screams And Whispers by Reo Speedwagon

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Screams And Whispers Lyrics by Reo Speedwagon