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Round And Round ["soul Mix Edit"] Lyrics - T.e.v.i.n.

Verse 1:
Can you tell me where we're going to
Can you tell me what it is we really want to find
Is the truth really there or is it right under our hair
For all we know it's been there all the time

I say, nothin' comes from dreamers but dreams
I say, sittin' idle in our boat
While everyone else is down the stream
Nothin' comes from talkers but sound
We can talk all we want to
But the world still goes around and round
Round and round
We go round and round and round
And what we're lookin' for still isn't found


Verse 2:
Can you tell me when we gonna get to it
I'm tired of foolin' around i said i want to do it
I learned my lesson young i say, if you really want two have fun
Go for it and when you win, say "i go for it"

One day i'll make it in the big city
And i'll by lookin' for a girl who's pretty
On day i'll make a play and she will say ok
Cuz i plan to be a cool kitty


Round And Round ["soul Mix Edit"] by Tevin Campbell

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Round And Round ["soul Mix Edit"] Lyrics by Tevin Campbell