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Rise & Fall Lyrics - Failure on

Our defenses open
Our motives are shot
This hush of the heart seems too much to keep
Itís gathered here and wakening me
Itís stealing with fear thatís reaching in
And pulling out with every beat
Resounding loud and clear, but only to me
In this confiding pulse
Iíll find a way to keep it all confined
Itís reminding me and always surrounding me
Past pictures will keep me
From being the man I could be
Burn out and Iíll burn now
Iíll carry this burden of memory
A name that lingers on a blank face
Can never fill a heart thatís sinking fast
And hurting to feel
Itís falling so fast now
To never rise again
We all burn out
We all rise and fall
We all burn now

Rise & Fall by Beloved

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Rise & Fall Lyrics by Beloved