Reverse Lyrics by Puff Daddy

Reverse Lyrics

    I'll never stop
    I don't give a fuck
    If it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother fuckers
    I will never stop

    I bust six out the roof of my Bentley Coup
    Head shots so mother fuckers can't regroup, can't recoup
    I'll be damned if you get more points than me
    Sell more joints than me
    Steal your faith, take a puff, inhale my name
    Smoke on it, shit, choke on it
    Bitch nigga, I'mma make a hit nigga
    Hot mother fucker down to the skit nigga
    Game over playa, and nigga ya scored low
    Hit me later young, and I'm at the award show
    Bank account ten digits and it's all "O's"
    I floss the most shit, fuck the most hoes
    Come on, you can even ask Don Juan
    It's official now, they all rock Sean John
    Might have to change my name to strong arm
    You came to get money man?
    That shit been long gone, come on

    Have much to do with nigga since Nicolas Bond
    Poppin' and choppin' until the day that I'm gone
    Shyne poor, cuz your dream come from one bottle
    Prominent premier, premium bravo
    Watch him explain ain't nothin' but blood thug crime though
    Shots in the spinal, from my rivals
    Cross the t's and dot the i's and
    Pay the judge, drop the top we'll mess around
    Shit, it's the kid rapper's feelin'
    You cowards don't know? I'd rather be racketeerin' somewhere
    Bustin' shots in the atmosphere and
    Not caring, fuckin' the proscecutor at my hearin'
    Money laundering, honies wondering
    Who me? I reply casually
    Come what God would be if He was a straight G
    Tonight too tight out of a big ditch we ride

    Yo yo yo, it's your hide
    Grab the rope and yell rawhide
    Front line is pussy, call off sides
    I'm focus but my hand is cross-eyed
    I left my gun home, here borrow mine
    Pop the nine like a judge "All rise"
    This gun'll knock plants off tall guys
    We value-packs, y'all small fries
    (Yo, I'm from the projects)
    Yo, but on the floor tied
    Don't matter, we'll take up all size
    Truly yours doc, then PPP hide, my name is
    Since five, I talk jive
    In church dressed in cordoroy ties
    Now I'm grown up and been married four times
    Besides, I'm just a sight for soar eyes
    Brick city, known pop the door wide
    Stolen Bonneville in New York High

    Reversin' the plot
    Last come, first one to rot, first in the glot
    If I miss, circlin' the block, servin' the pot
    And I be the person to watch
    If your girl missin' the rock, purse and a watch
    Hot as it gets, from Hell came outta you debts
    Buy the cassette, rewind it to death
    Alota y'all sweat it, you try to forget
    How I rock shit from N.Y. to Tibet
    You got it to bet? That's just how you got into debt
    You lost when you nodded your neck
    Through the vest, through the chest that you tried to protect
    Take the voice that you try to project, check
    Darin' you to kid, cat shootin' sperm in you wiz
    I'm why you smell herb in the crib
    Man I'm out for doubtful, shit I spit a mouthful
    Indo out-do, intro to outro

    [Sauce Money]
    I'm the hottest thing spittin' so go warn your clique
    Them niggas y'all look up to is on my dick
    Sauce motherfuckin' born to hit
    I get so far up in your ass, think I was on some shit
    Look, you against me is really nothin' to see
    Who, when, where, what it's gon' be
    I don't give a fuck if it's he or she
    I'm the virgin of hip hop
    Nobody fuckin' with me
    I know your type, you a ride dick nigga
    Cry sick nigga, lied quick nigga
    Out of turn speakin', first one leakin'
    Always the Suzuki side kick nigga
    Bitches don't cast stones down, they throw bricks
    Why I come through and tell 'em to blow dick
    These nigga's the nicest? No, go fish
    Sauce, you da best motherfucker, no shit

    You're treated and competed, walk away from it undefeated
    Observe it from over there, ok
    Ain't It obvious we overheated
    You talkin' that slick shit
    But I jus' know that you meant me
    But evidently, you don't know
    I get your ass gone permanently
    It ain't complex
    I'll just bang holes or you're ablin' to ask who next
    Do a drive-by on your project, take the traps
    Come on and get some of our gun craps
    I'll straighten out the nigga now
    When I snap, make your chest cavity collapse
    When I glide the entire map
    With the frequent four alarm fire, rap straight up
    Put weight down, fuck around, you ate up
    And nigga when I eat, I mean I lick the whole plate up
    Look in my eyes, I'm not scared
    Sucka, you heard what I said
    If you don't wanna get dead
    No it ain't no cure, ice cold in the low, the go-rilla
    The mo' scrilla the more real-la, I live to rule

    Don't hold me back, you bet
    How many nigga's think they fuckin' with mines
    A nigga God blessed with such an undeniable shine
    I hope you know there's nothin' fresher
    The manifester apply the pressure
    Tie you up and gag you in your mouth with a piece of polyester
    Now fix your fuckin' face up
    Empty the chest of drawers before I stretch your jaw
    Everybody hit the fuckin' floor
    Only the real mother fuckers belong
    I hope nigga's don't end the party before we finish the song
    (Bitch nigga)
    You be the last to come and harrass, reflect on the past
    When I used to pull spine outcho ass
    Live nigga's go stack money, continue to bill shit
    Long as I'm in this fucker I'm determined to kill shit
    Zap nigga's like cellular flips and swell up your lips
    Fuck with so much dick in their ass it's shrinkin' her hen house
    Hey yo, before you empty your clip and pull at your trigger
    Salute the legacy of these throroughly recognized niggas