Reflections Lyrics by Shattersphere

Reflections Lyrics

    She walks alone on a shameful path
    That leads to a lonely aftermath
    Behind the illusion she tries to hide
    Without the freedom to decide

    She sits around and wastes her day
    On words she'll never get to say
    There must be another way
    To live instead of this

    You can't sleep and you can't dream
    You're wide awake when you are fast asleep
    You've wasted your entire life
    So go ahead and live the lie

    Your whole life is a lie


    Maybe there is another life
    With words that won't cut like a knife
    No more image to defend
    When the whole world comes to an end

    She won't have to prepare
    For those who wouldn't even dare
    To talk or laugh or care
    About the way she looks