Pain and Pleasure Lyrics by Judas Priest

Pain and Pleasure Lyrics

    I wanna tell ya, hey I think you oughta know
    The way you're treating me, I feel I'll have ta go.
    I've heard the rumours and it seems they're comin' true
    You do waht suits ya, but then that's nothin' new.

    Do what you wanna do
    Oh what you put me through.
    How I suffer for your love.
    Say what you wanna say
    You know that you're gonna pay
    For all the times that I've cried.

    You give me pain, but you bring me pleasure
    Get out of my life.
    You bring me pain, but you give me pleasure
    You don't know what I like.

    You've got me tied up, dog upon a leash
    Instead of messin' 'round, practice what you preach.
    Your days are numbered, my day's arrived
    The way I see it, we're dead or we're alive