Overdose Lyrics by Conells, The

Overdose Lyrics

    Stunned i am bewildered in my bed
    An overdose on something that was said
    Rollover time measured by the mile
    Feeling knots that never will untie

    Flecks of dust dancing in the sun
    A ticking clock ticking for no-one
    The phone is still and still is what it's like
    To hide the sun and sink into the night

    Hanging from a tree is the passing time for me
    Discomfort when the tonics simply aren't
    Initials in the tree in the vein of misery
    At least i didn't carve you in my arms

    Did you know i saw you in a dream
    Me on a limb, you looking up at me
    I never smiled, you laughed until you cried
    It's better here at least i've come outside