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Out In The Street Lyrics - Force It

Lady love to hang on
Played it like a real intellectual
Sweet sister your still shaking
And your tragedy is never ending
Silver shoes you're wearing
Every window there you've ever stared in
Over my head, over my head

Sidewalks of the city
Every theater there you've ever played
Your comic book impersonations
Louise fazenda and buster keaton [+++]
Over my head, so it's all

** out in the street for just one more matinee
Yes, your vaudeville carries on
So put a smile in front your man can see
Yes, your vaudeville carries on


** repeat


[+++]note: michael pincher verified this line with mogg.
Louise fazenda, an american vaudeville actress, made 134 movies between 1913-1935, but the only one i could find that involved film legend buster keaton was "slippery pearls." fazenda
Arried to director hal wallis ...

Out In The Street by Ufo

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Out In The Street Lyrics by Ufo