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No Getaway Lyrics - Making Contact

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Baby , look across the street
I know that you're alone
I've been waiting out in the dark
That surrounds your home
'cause after midnight i'll be calling
C'mon answer the phone

* and baby you know there's no getaway
I belong to you
I'll be calling every night and day
'till you want me too

Baby i've seen every movie
That you've ever made
And now i'm waiting
I know all the parts
That you've ever played

* repeat


Oh baby do you read my letters
I'm so excited about you
But i'm still waiting
I've had no reply
What about our rendezvous?
'cause after midnight
Ooh while you're sleeping
You know i'm looking for you

* repeat

No Getaway by Ufo

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No Getaway Lyrics by Ufo