Night Life Lyrics by Foreigner

Night Life Lyrics

    Wake up in time to see the sun going down
    Turn on the six o'clock news
    See what's happening in this town
    I take a walk down to the corner
    I meet those bad girls hanging around
    Never doing what they oughta

    Ooh yeah, i get caught up in the action
    Gotta find the main attraction now
    Gotta get some satisfaction
    You better take me to the heart of that

    Night life, looking for some
    Night life, need a little
    Night life, living in the daylight
    Just don't agree with me
    Ooh night life

    Stealing through the night like a wolf on the prowl
    Not a bird, not a plane, i'm just a mean old night owl
    Watch me, hit, run, gotta move on
    Going wild in the night
    'cause i'm hooked on the neon

    Ooh yeah, i'm looking for some action
    I gotta find my main attraction now
    'cause i need some satisfaction
    Ooh, won't you take me to the heart of that

    Night life, a little bit of
    Night life, ooh i need some
    Night life, full of bright lights and noise
    Time to separate the men from the boys

    Night life...