Nadine Lyrics by Stan Ridgway

Nadine Lyrics

    As i got on a city bus and found a vacant seat
    I thought i saw my future bride walking up the street
    I shouted to the driver, "hey, conductor, you must
    Slow down, i think i see her, please, let me off the bus"

    Oh, honey, is that you
    Woah, nadine
    Oh, honey, is that you
    Seems every time i see you, baby, you've got somethin' else to do

    Woah, i saw from the corner when she turned and doubled back
    And started walkin' toward a coffee-colored cadillac
    Pushin' through the crowd, tryin' to get to where she's at
    I was campaign-shouting like a southern diplomat

    Chorus repeat

    You're off with someone, someone new!

    Downtown, searchin' for her, lookin' all around
    Saw her getting in a yellow cab heading uptown
    I caught a loaded taxi, picked up everybody's tab
    Tipped a twenty dollar bill, i said "you catch that yellow cab"

    Chorus repeat last line repeat x4

    Make a scene
    Keep it clean
    Eat a bean, nadine