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My Lover Is Lyrics - Unknown

My lover is a morning with the sun,
Another day with her has just begun,
She's waking me up to see her world,
My lover is the light;

My lover is a chance to play the fool,
To shake a lot of trees and break the rules,
She's bringing me back the boy inside,
My lover gives me time;

And all through the days, there are so many ways to love her,
Its easy to do, when the heart and the soul are true;

My lover has the meaning of success,
She's telling me that i can be the best,
But if i should fail at least i've tried,
My lover has it right;

And all through the days,
There are so many ways to love her,
It's easy to do, when the heart and the soul are true,

My lover is a dancer in the dark,
Whispering the secrets in her heart,
She's opening up to my desire,
My lover in the night;

She is the morning sun,
She's the one,
Bringing me back,
The boy inside,
My lover in the night,
My lover is the light,
My lover has it right,
My lover is my life.

My Lover Is by Chris De Burgh

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My Lover Is Lyrics by Chris De Burgh