Mushanga Lyrics by Toto

Mushanga Lyrics

    I can't forget you, my little mushanga, i keep a place in my heart for you
    The days of waiting, they keep getting longer, and not a thing i can do
    I was a poet, a magazine writer, sent to report on political views
    It was by chance, through a lens that i met you, a kingston girl with no shoes

    You were runnin' down the road, i was going your way
    You stopped and turned around, and lent you my hand
    You smiled though you were suffering, i didn't understand, then

    You broke into my heart, i saw your eyes and then i knew
    You broke into my heart, like the wind and rain that followed you
    You broke into my heart, had the lord above forgotten you?
    You broke in from the start, and all my tears belong to you
    Mushanga, oh, mushanga, oh

    I sat and watched as she danced by the fires
    Through ancient songs did the tale unfold
    They sang of diamonds that came from their mountains
    And loss of lives mining white man's gold

    I had to leave and go back to manhattan
    Where all my stories are bought and sold
    I know the city would surely be saddened, if what i knew could be told

    It's been so long since i last heard your laughter
    So many letters and still no news
    I hope you find all the things that you're after
    You know my heart is with you


    Mushanga, oh, mushanga, oh (repeats 3x)