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Met her at a friendly little bar down along the coast
She said it was her birthday so we had us a nice little toast
Drove around for a while, smoked a few cigarettes
Took her back to my place, she slipped off her party dress
She sat for a while on the edge of the bed just talkin'
Loose change in my pocket
Loose change in my pocket

Pint of gin in my boot cuff, i'm drivin' for a drink and a dance
Sittin' on the next stool, miss a little time on her hands
Yeah i knew she was trouble, but trouble sure was lookin' fine
And when i pulled her close what i knew kinda slipped my mind
We lay in bed and watched the moon come up crawling
Loose change in my pocket
Loose change in my pocket

I pour another drink, wait for the night to get through
Stars are burning in that black void so far away and blue

Now i'm sittin' at a red light i feel somethin' tickin' way down
The night's moving like a slow train crawling through this shithole town
Got my bags packed in the back and i'm tryin' to get going again
But red just goes to green and green goes red and then
Then all i hear's the clock on the dash tick-tocking
Loose change in my pocket
Loose change in my pocket

Loose Change by Bruce Springsteen

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Loose Change Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen