Long Awaited Lyrics by Lootpack

Long Awaited Lyrics


    The long awaited, most accommodated,
    Could never fade it cuz it's always hip hop related
    Wack mc's please or you'll get annihilated
    The lp's and the peoples called the dilated
    Long awaited

    Freeze, this shit is outta control
    For example, an actor who never snapped out of his role
    So many try to hold me back, in the end, yo i prevail
    Watch for subliminals cuz devils in the detail
    2020, no doubt will be confusing
    Catch the story of my life on vh1 behind the music
    (ladies & gentlemen), the starting line ups at home
    We got four emcees and that's five with dj romes

    B-boy mission in life is to add creativity to the battle scene
    Got dilated to detonate mic weapons for mic check fiends
    Yo, evidence (what's up?) what's that in your hand, is it a guidance
    (yes it is) call up ya man rokka tell 'em it's time to blow da spot up
    With metaphors, lyrically i slap mc's up with my ten inch
    Pull rhymes right out my chest like popeye does spinach
    Because my song must stay strong with each bomb that we deploy
    Destroy fake decoy b-boys for those who can't avoid


    Yo if my peeps' are in the trenches then i'm where the battle is
    Rokka iriscience a.k.a. the catalyst
    The weight of the world's on my shoulder like i'm atlas
    Dealing with the villainous tactics of the facists
    Real heads gotta rock the lootpack shit
    Defiant dilated, yo i'll shoot back quick
    Vocab like refugees but i call it vocap
    Spit it, ventilate 'em, leave 'em laying on their back

    It's mostly snakes handing out contracts
    Trying to see where i at
    Innovations on the dilated, lootpack format
    We freak the physics, break emcees on contact
    Madlib don't lack, we'll be waiting for that payback
    You better get hittin, your soul when i drop my compound on contact
    All that played out shit will have you knocked out in the first round
    Cuz too many frauds walking around

    If you're not making ends meet than it's not healthy
    To be representin' like the wealthy
    If you're not knowing that my name is rokka
    Dilated platform representin' with the lp

    Yo, i take control grab the horse by the mane
    I'm that new york type of driver on this l.a. terrain
    Make it rain, when it pours we flood, cover your system
    Intuitive, straight up, avoided you by instinct
    You could take cover, dodge radar detection
    But try to dodge weeded out by natural selection
    It's finally here, the moment of the long awaited
    We represent the west, lootpack and dilated

    [wild child]
    So, better back up cuz dj romes is gonna go off and
    Bringing his technics turntable style straight out of his coffin
    I'll continue to pull out my menu of styles and bend you
    In half then laugh on behalf of my whole lootpack staff
    Brothers be like "i wanna hear y'all ish", at least you've waited
    First heard it hear, negative criticism is mad appreciated
    My direction takes course of a fraudulent, fake endorserer
    Thinking he's a dope rhyme style enforcerer (to the world of hip hop)
    If you don't support, you're amongst those who's gonna get dissed
    And dismissed when we come back with 10 times the force of a

    Earthquake, we laugh in cali wild so watch the earth shake
    From the first take, pop in your box, the long await
    We rollin' like jugganauts, plug in spots,
    Not talkin' bout runnin' glocks preparing for incoming stocks
    Yo it's the pack with them triple optic kids
    While we keep this art real, y'all worry bout your pocket lids

    Hey yo, some are goin' platinum, skills are still lackin'
    I meditate and coach, action like phil jackson
    Space invaders faded, undisputed dilated
    Highly anticipated, lootpack the long awaited

    (chorus to fade)