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Loneliness Lyrics - Crying

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Roy orbison/joe melson

Loneliness is the worst thing in the world
To be alone all the day long
No ring on the phone, yeah this is wrong
Low down loneliness

This loneliness, i must confess
Yes it's a mess of this loneliness
Low down loneliness, loneliness all around
Loneliness, you have found me loneliness

Oh loneliness, all of the time
Such loneliness, you're so unkind
Low down loneliness
Loneliness everywhere
Loneliness, i've got more that my share

Oh loneliness, my destiny
Yeah loneliness, was i born to be
In low down loneliness? loneliness

Loneliness by Roy Orbison

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Loneliness Lyrics by Roy Orbison