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Living Without You Lyrics - Scarlet

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After all we've been through
Here we stand with love undeniably true
All our doubters look on
Wonderin' how we have done
What we've done for so long
You know i could not be

Living without you, i can't even think about it
Breathing without you, i'm in love no doubt
Without you where would i be?
You make it all complete
And tell me what would i do?
I don't wanna breathe without you

When we think it's as one
When you breathe then i breathe
'cos our bond is so strong
And our laughter it sustains me
Makes me wanna live all our moments again
No way that i could be


Though they said it's not just a phase
Still we're together and they're amazed
Living as one in harmony a perfect love don't you agree

Chorus x2

Living Without You by Code Red

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Living Without You Lyrics by Code Red