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Little Girl (alternate Version) Lyrics - The Story Of Them

Little girl, little girl, little girl
You were on your way to school
Little girl, when you were on your way to school
You went and broke
You went and broke your teacher's rule

I passed by your classroom, just had to take a look
And i watched, looked, what you had written in your handbook
'cause i love ya
And i don't care, what they say
I don't care what, what they say

I saw you from a window
Standing at the, the big oak tree
Stood and thought and wondered
How it used to be
Just-a you and me
In the golden sand
A-walkin', talkin', hand in hand
And i got you
I got you in my soul

In my
In my
In my
In my soul
In my soul

I got ya
An i don't care what they say
I got you in my soul
14 years old
14 years
Oh baby
I got you
In my
In my
Ah in my soul, yeah
In my
In my soul
Yeah, hey hey
Oh, all right
I love you
Need you
All right
All right
Oh, oh

Little Girl (alternate Version) by Van Morrison

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Little Girl (alternate Version) Lyrics by Van Morrison