Let The Games Begin Lyrics by Mack 10

Let The Games Begin Lyrics

    [fat joe talking] (mack 10)
    Yeah, terror squad motherfucker!
    (and the hoo bangin affiliates.) uh huh.
    I know you ain't think you was gon see this niggas.
    (nope.) east coast, west coast. (it's all the same.)
    Joey crack, big pun, mack 10.
    (speak on it, joe.)
    Haha, niggas what!

    [fat joe]
    At times i feel like blastin myself, endin it all
    Niggas on my same team be prayin i fall
    Tellin the feds, that i'm still cappin the raw
    Know all about the stash box on the floor of my porshe
    Boy george-in it, livin the life of the fortunate
    Show you how warm my fuckin coffee get
    My crew often get the blame for hideous crimes
    Why do niggas stay platinum with the shitiest rhymes?
    Can't call it, all these niggas claim that they ballin
    But it appears your empire's fallen
    Fuckin with joe and pun, real niggas since day one
    The same cats you get ?terroria? from
    East coast, west coast, man it's all the same
    Niggas won't know shit till they feel the flame
    It's still insane, since the flow track
    Blowin your whole back, with the mack, we'll let ya know black

    [hook:] x 2
    It's all about weight, work, guns, yay
    Real motherfuckers chase dough and don't play
    Y'all motherfuckers don't move, we don't spray
    Big pun, fat joe, mack 10 baby

    [big punisher]
    Check what you never thought
    Pun and joe, the kings of nueva york
    Spittin thoughts with twin, mack 10 the chicken hawk
    We the truest cuz killers walk in muddy boots
    Once my dogs cut me lose, that's a bullet in your bubblygoose
    Fuck is you talkin like you crazy
    Barkin like you eighty
    Or have you crawlin, walkin like a baby
    Don't try to play me cuz i'm not a playa
    Hey yo i shot the place up and pass the heat off like a hot potatoe
    I'm out to make a million dollies but still i'm rowdy
    So i hope it happen rappin before i have to kill somebody
    That's how it is in the stone jungle
    If you known to own a bundle guaranteed nigga gon mug you
    And no one love you when you broke as shit, focus kid
    Commercials don't lie, thirsty to die? coke is in
    Blow your life away, that's a big price to pay
    You coulda been teachin your kid how to ride his bike today

    [hook] x 2

    [mack 10]
    I hit the la la, and grab the ya ya
    And if y'all don't get him, i promise i'll try
    Hoo bangin affiliates is the williest so the silliest
    Really get to see just how fast the nine milly spit
    Mack 10, big pun and joey crack
    Real niggas push big weight and big sacks
    Y'all said it was cool, i got to ok this
    I usually want paytons, y'all bring the scale so we can weight this
    It better be pure, hope you ain't got a birdie mix
    Hey yo, put it up there, and make sure it's all 36
    I hope you can count nigga, better be precise
    If it ain't all there that's your dope and your life
    From the school of hard knocks, inglewood to the bronx
    We hit the blocks and cook the rocks in forty blocks
    Hit doja like we supposed to, sippin on hen
    Ts and mack 10, so let the games begin

    [hook] x 2