Lay It Down Lyrics by Squad Five-O

Lay It Down Lyrics

    Lyrics by Adam Garbinski

    You gave me something that I didn't expect
    You showed your hand and now it's time to get wrecked
    The sidewalk cracks your head so gently
    Lay it down to rest
    You gave me something that I couldn't believe
    The words that came so honestly
    There's blood on your lips and you still can't see
    The ambulance shine so beautifully

    Lay it down
    I'll say goodbye in the morning
    Lay it down
    And you'll be sorry that you spoke
    It's too hard to be true
    Too late for raising hopes

    He showed you something that you never needed
    He just wanted you to see him bleeding
    Turn your eyes from such a sight
    Never look again
    You're back in town at such an early hour
    You see his wife behind the counter
    Listen as she lets you know
    Swallow as she chokes

    And the colors look so beautiful
    As you stare up from the ground
    You hear the feet of the passerby
    And vomit from the sound

    I take a look at what you instigated
    A couple thousand miles later
    My seat back's up I'm coming down
    I lay it all to rest