Kid No More Lyrics by Ambrosia

Kid No More Lyrics

    ( pack - puerta )

    Well, it's beginning to take hold
    That i'm gettin' too old to act the fuckin' fool that i feel maybe i'm just too lazy
    To stop actin' crazy and past the point of playin' for real

    But oh, it's makin' me
    Old man, it's sure takin' its toll

    Can't put on the brakes yet
    Got the pedal to the floor
    But man you ain't a kid you ain't a kid, no more

    Well now i'm pushin' thirty but my legs are sturdy
    And ready to run like hell
    But i'd rather be racin' 'round
    While she's busy face down in my 450 s.e.l.

    But whoa, little lady don't ask for my i.d.
    Don't wanna know, no i don't

    Gettin' all the lovin' now i never had before
    But kid you ain't a kid you ain't a kid, no more

    Yeah, when you feel this way
    Well you get your kicks and lovin' nearly every day
    Yeah, when he feels this way
    Then he knows what he wants and he takes what he gets and he...

    I need a shot like a trigger from a potion in a jigger
    To keep my motor razor clean
    I might start actin' funny but don't worry honey
    Just lay back and service my machine
    I may be older but the grape gets sweeter
    The longer that it's on the vine

    You got no right in what you're thinkin'
    After doin' what you did
    Kid you ain't a kid you ain't a kid, no more