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I just grow weaker as the days go by
I cry so much there's no reason to wipe my eyes
Way down deep inside my mind
I still deny that i must say good-bye
To the one i thought would always be mine
Now i believe that what we give comes back to us in
And i believe that if you search for long enough
You'll find
What you always know to be the truth was right
Before your eyes
And so if...if i have to let you go

Darling just as long as you know
Wherever you go
If there's a road that leads you back my way
I'll be at the end of that road
Just so you know
I...i'm gonna be there

There's just no easy way to prepare
For something like this
Cause you never know just what you'll do
Until the moment exists
See, i tried to tell my heart to just behave
My lips wanna beg you to stay...but it'll be okay
If i can just convince my arms to let you go
Now, i don't know how i'll ever get over this
Cause there's this chance
That you might find somebody else
I'm hoping the odds are all against it
But if you do and it's not what you want in your
If it's tearing you apart, you need to come on back


Just a few years ago
I was told the best way to keep
Something precious...set it free
Cause love will span the distance
And if you ever find yourself
At the lonesome road
You just turn around
I will be right there
I'll be waiting for you
My love is gonna be there


Just So You Know by Kandi

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Just So You Know Lyrics by Kandi