Izabella Lyrics by Jimi Hendrix

Izabella Lyrics

    "yeah, thank you very much. i'd like to do this song dedicated
    To maybe a soldier in the army. singin' about his old lady that
    He dreams about and humpin' a machine gun instead or it could be
    Could be a cat maybe tryin' to fall in love with that girl baby,
    But a little bit too scared. that's where the problems come from
    Sometimes isn't it? i meen the cat is really insecure a little bit
    So the call girls groupies and they call girls this. and they call
    Passive people hippies and bla bla, woof, woof, all down the line
    That's because their not in love man that's what's happening. that's
    The other half of a man, is woman. and we'd like to play a thing called
    Izabella, and don't you ever forget it."

    Girl, i dream about you every night
    Every night
    Hey, girl you know we got a war
    Got a war to fight
    So i think about you every day
    Oh, and i hope you listen to me right

    Hey, izabella
    Girl, i'm fighting this war for the you
    Hey little girl i fight this war for the children and the world and you
    So i hope you hear me baby, yeah
    Cause what i try to tell you is true

    I fight this war for the children and you
    Hey girl, i said i fight this war for the children and you
    Please save your love for me
    Then i'll know the fightin' is true
    I'm gonna fight this war against nature, my heart

    "thank you very much. and i'd like to go on with another slow thing.
    I'd like to get by with a little bit of jam messin' around with back
    At the house. i think we're going to call "get my heart back together