Iron Flag Lyrics by Wu-tang Clan

Iron Flag Lyrics

    [intro/chorus: raekwon]
    Murder one of y'all niggaz..
    Get to hurtin one of y'all niggaz..
    Bitches, snatch the shirt off one of y'all niggaz

    [raekwon the chef]
    ... kick dirt
    Color glocks splitters just listen there's ufo visitors
    Fly paintings remainin, reclinin pro-comissioner
    One boot off he rudolph, know he hyped flew off
    Hibernatin, dead in the makin, ear-rake him, gear-rake him
    Technician murderer, wu hit the universe
    Our words is crush, fingers icy slush, ringers wants mercedes bust
    Tip bottles, movado, sailin in some wu googles you follow
    Mail and jail letters, sendin niggaz lottos
    What made you murder my flow, what made you rival my clothes
    What made you -- fuck it, yo son these niggaz gotta owe
    I think a lot of flows, i flip exotic hoes
    We paintin pictures if it's (?) i seen a lot of those
    Gettin fly with ghost, power just buy the boats
    Rza your vision is exquisite, daddy hide your scrolls
    Platonic chronic shows, tonic prose
    Off the meter panasonic know, son line me a ho

    [masta killa]
    Devestatin shockwaves strikin the nation
    Newsflash, warn the people, assassination
    The hour of detonation, pure untampered or mixed in any form
    In any form mixed untampered it's pure
    Dissect each line of the rhyme
    Find my ingredients and nutrients
    Teach patience and obediance before movement
    Killer bee student enrollment
    I'm out your control and expose if it's synthetic
    Quote these plush degrees as i inject, there's many at risk
    Slang therapist shallah rae
    Plus the people, with magnificent wordplay


    [inspectah deck]
    Aiyyo you know the half, some get respect, most we show the path
    They quoted tracks while we spoke math, blowin fast
    Expose the craft, first picks chosen in the draft
    I don't flash, hoes love me cause i hold a stash
    Known to blast, paramedics couldn't close the gash
    Floatin past in an alley with the oak dash
    Show the cash, watch it blow in half, it's no fair
    They goin mad, check their tape recorders and their notepads
    Crabs wanna play me close and grab
    Can't believe you on the canvas, i'm just throwin jabs
    Where the powers you supposed to have, hand in your soldier rag
    You posin bad, show your ass son, you won't last
    With heavy weights that elevate the whole mass
    Compose a smash, rollin grass at ghost lab

    [samples scratched: "drink to your new life.. iron flag brothers"]