Inside My Head Lyrics by Shattersphere

Inside My Head Lyrics

    Come into my territory and you'll feel my pain
    Can't explain these violent feelings deep inside my brain

    I'm just trying to think what I should do
    I feel like lashing out all over you
    In the end I hope you'll understand me too

    These eyes
    The fire
    Get out of my head
    The change
    Feel my eyes turn red
    My thoughts
    My words
    Stay inside my head

    Come into my territory and you can be my slave
    Try to go through what I do and you wouldn't last a day
    Quick to speak before I do and jump into the lead
    Have it your way
    Now you've done it
    It's time to break the peace

    Why can't we just sit back and let it be?
    It's all the same to me