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Im Not Scared Lyrics - Glow

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Hey there! Won't you give me a smile,
I've not seen one in a while,
I think you'd look better smiling,
Here I come - step away,
There's a message on my face,
I'll tell you just what it's saying,
I'm not scared.

It's the same everyday,
Oh it seems such a waste,
Please tell me who are you fighting?
So then won't you give me a smile?
I've not seen one in a while,
I'm sure you'd look better smiling,
I'm not scared.

And I walk through the land,
With a bond in my hand,
For the people who spurned,
I will look at each turn,
With my arms opened out,
To you all I will shout:
'I'm not scared'.

Im Not Scared by Reef

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Im Not Scared Lyrics by Reef