Ice Pick Bubble And Grind Lyrics by Gonzoe

Ice Pick Bubble And Grind Lyrics

    [gonzoe] (talking)
    Yeah, blackout (get out)
    Outlawz, ride ride ride
    Children of the makaveli
    Sing with me
    Come on, come on, come on
    (how... gonzoe... kastro)
    I won't stop till i drop, why

    [verse 1 - gonzoe]
    When the lightning strikes
    Ignite the name paper
    I'm a made nigga
    Clich?for the paper and all
    Stand right here and ball
    I bust or fall off
    I'mma hustle till it's gone
    It's on if i'm crossed up in this
    Spendin well for my business
    Live to tell my children about how they got it dearest
    And how they fear us
    Cause the sinners ain't givin a fuck
    Tryin' to press my luck
    And turn ones to two bucks
    Like magic (poof!)
    Blow in on my habit
    I drink like a souljah, smoke nay, gotta have it
    I drink like a souljah, smoke nay, gotta have it

    [verse 2 - kastro]
    Hennessey and ridin on enemies
    Better mention me
    Mo and napolean
    And any day
    Apply the pressure
    Outlaw till i die rock blessers
    Tell gap we got more spots and still rock our vests
    Lifespan when do i quicksand
    To see me, (ahhhhhh) twist me, then mix me
    Down to one ten, money and murder
    Rum and big guns, that's all i heard
    There's no woman swervin
    Niggaz one time better hurt em
    Flowin your wack
    Watch my back
    Time-storm it's on
    Page g, then page me
    Miss worried about one
    Cross state lines
    Late time it's day time
    I take mine and break it
    Tell the world, thuggin ain't dead it's sacred
    We livin simple like shit from a pigeon
    Break out of this prison
    World we livin
    Our mission

    As we ice pick bubble and grind for the cash
    Ice pick bubble and murder for the cash
    Ice pick bubble and grind for the cash
    We (yeah) ice pick bubble and murder for the cash

    [verse 3 - gonzoe]
    (gonzoe...ahhh...pissin on niggaz)
    Yeah, nigga it's gonzoe
    Feel the heat nigga
    Face the truth
    Children of the makaveli
    Y'all niggaz ain't crazy
    Give it up frequents
    And mate ya momma's rats is too shady
    I was clackin in the 80's
    I'm about taken my money in every state
    While you ain't about nothin
    Havin no hustle, watchin moves i make
    If you ain't got it you hate it
    Let's straighten the facts in ya
    Remember, i fuck you up by your bartender
    No nigga hend as this
    Tried to sell fingerless
    Fuckin with ritzy
    Miss me
    Your whole hood history (boom!..hahahah)
    Now clean this mother fucker up!


    (outlaw!!! what what)

    [verse 4 - gonzoe]
    Yeah, who you fuckin with?
    The blunt gets split
    It's over with
    The more enemies i see
    The more niggaz get hit
    Cause i'm an outlaw
    We all roll for the love of makaveli
    Four soldiers to kill niggaz
    Ain't nothing you can tell me

    [gonzoe (talking)]
    Yeah, julio g, speak on it
    Fuzzy, speak on it (ras kass)
    Big boy, speak on it (hahahah)
    Theo, speak on it (what they gonna do to us now)
    Baka boys, speak on it my nigga
    Sway and tech, speak on it (these niggaz got loaded guns... loaded guns)
    Say down south, mean green, speak on it
    Boom daddy, chris lova lova, speak on it
    Yeah yeah yeah (and we... outlaw.. outlaw)
    Greg street, speak on it
    Dj nad, speak on it (napolean)
    Jerious smokin b, speak on it (fuck everybody else)
    Shieet (outlaw)
    Outlawz, speak on it
    World, speak on it
    All my niggaz, speak on it my nigga