How Come They Dont Touch The Ground Lyrics by Marty Willson-piper

How Come They Dont Touch The Ground Lyrics

    Even yesterday has gone away
    Has tomorrow ever come
    Will next week last forever
    How come it's funny but it's not fun

    Have the fingers slipped, has time been cut
    Has the face misled the eye
    Break the glass let me out of here
    Why doesn't six come after five

    Turning, turning round and round
    My feet are burning
    How come they don't touch the ground

    I play a game on the paving stones
    The cracks seem so small to me

    I suddenly shrink and meet some insect friends
    And need binoculars to see across what now is wide to me

    They close the doors on another train
    The windows dirty as the floor
    You can play games with your reflections
    But i don't do that anymore

    I got up to leave
    But something i couldn't see--stopped me